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Netcraft - Final Project


Final Project - Smart Garden

This final Project was designed to help the user become proactive and take care of his garden in a more efficient way while learning and discovering new things about plants and gardening. The app has a geolocation component and provides planting suggestions by various criteria (for ex. climate, sunlight, soil type, etc.). One feature of the app is the ability to photograph a plant and immediately have displayed detailed info about it, as well as its suitability to the specific climate and soil of your garden. The app updates the user daily/weekly about the gardening tasks to be done (ex. watering, pruning, fertilizing, etc.), prioritizes them, and explains in detail how each task is best performed. A vast database enables you to explore and learn about the world of plants and gardening, as well as provides recipes for your garden's produce.


Persona Research

The app design started by researching similar apps on the market and interviewing gardening lovers about their needs and dreams. 

Main Flow Chart

After realizing the main needs I created this general flow diagram.