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BillGuard - Product Design


BillGuard - Product Design

 BillGuard is a personal finance app designed to help users get in the habit of being in control of their money. It was acquired by Prosper Marketplace in September 2015.  



Loan Overview

We starting working on this feature after the integration with Prosper. It was important to give the existing Prosper users an immediate sense of value and familiarity with the app. The main point was providing a strong feeling of progress, control and a sense of pride in the loan payment process. 

Flagging Transactions

Improving the flagging flow - When a user does not want to approve a charge (by swiping right) the only options we had available didn't really help the user deal with this charge efficiently. The benefits of improved flagging would hopefully improve retention.

All Clear - Improves the functionality of the flagging in order to help users reach an empty inbox easier.

Reminders - Enables the user to get push notification and emails about flagged transactions.



We wanted to have a playful and engaging walkthrough that at the same time conveys the story and value proposition of the app. By having illustrations and animations we believe we achieved that goal.

Check out the animation here. (From back in the BillGuard days, before the re-design)